Thursday, November 28, 2013

2nd Night of Chanukah - Enemies in the Grass - "Day After Day" 7" & Blind Crossing ep (1988/91, Galt)

Happy Thanksgiving.  With that out of the way, this isn't nearly as big an unveiling as last nights Jellyfish box, but New York's Enemies in the Grass were coming from the same place.  Quintessential power pop along the lines of Tommy Keene wasn't an easy sell come the early '90s, and situating themselves on a small time indie imprint probably didn't help matters (though the Enemies were in good company on Galt).  The 1988 "Day After Day" 45 is truly the best of both whirls.  Surprisingly, the A-side wasn't the Badfinger tune, while the flip, "Out of Luck" sports an indelible shade of Merseybeat.  Great.  The Blind Crossing ep followed three years later, featuring re-recordings of those two songs that are almost identical to the single.  We're also treated to the psych-kissed "Wants It That Way," and the chiming "Best Behavior."  As instrumentals go, "Kind of Girl" is enjoyable, but had it been adorned with some text, it would have been just as much of a keeper as the aforementioned.  Enjoy (or not).

1988 single
A. Day After Day
B. Out of Luck

Blind Crossing ep (1991)
01. Day After Day
02. Wants it That Way
03. Out of Luck
04. Best Behavior
05. Kind of Girl
06. Before You Leave



Philippe Thivillier said...

Thanks a lot for both the 7" and the EP.
Great songs which are so evocative of a time when jangle pop yielded such nice yet confidential records.

bglobe313 said...

The name does not ring a bell. With your endorsement and that of Philippe in the comments, I can't wait to hear it.

They better be good to dare name a s song "Day After Day"!

Thanks for this giving,

Ace K.

Smirre said...

Could you upload the file again? :)

Kihotio said...

Re-upload please :)

caneda said...

hello sir..kindly re-up please......thank you in advance..

Nervux said...

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