Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ellery Bop - Fire in Reflection ep (1983, Desire)

I had heard/read of Liverpool's Ellery Bop for several years prior to finding this ep fairly recently.  Good lot these boys turned out to be, at least evidenced by these four tracks that find them drawing moderate inspiration from early Simple Minds, fellow Liverpudlians Echo and the Bunnymen, and Killing Joke.  Bit of a noir edge to these fellows as well, though luckily devoid of any overt gloomy schtick.  You can indulge in some of EB's earlier singles amassed here.  I haven't seen it confirmed elsewhere, but the band's Wikipedia page (of all sources) claims that fresh Ellery Bop music is on the horizon for later this year.

01. Fire in Reflection
02. Blind
03. The Calling
04. Jihad


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Michael Kane said...

Thank you for this. Haven't heard this in a long time. Any chance of upping their other singles as it would be great to hear them again. thank you.