Monday, June 4, 2012

Grand Mal - Binge Purge ep (1985, Fountain of Youth)

This one is comparatively abrasive to swag I usually share, but then again, we all need a little roughage on our musical palette.  Grand Mal (formally Wurm Baby from what I'm told) were punk/hardcore kids from D.C. who opted for a doomy, noir angle on this ep, falling somewhere between early Agent Orange and Beneath the Shadows-era T.S.O.L.  If you ask me, Grand Mal were most effective when sticking to a straightforward punk motif, evidenced by the driving and surly panache of "DNO" and "Fear to Feel," though I'm under the impression that the title cut was the intended centerpiece here.  Onechord blog did a nice piece on the group a few years ago, and are streaming two songs, including a vital demo take of "Binge Purge" that outdoes the version here by quite a margin.

01. Binge Purge
02. Parade's End
03. Aplogies
04. DNO
05. Fear to Feel
06. Fever Dream



deadmanxwalking said...

Thanks, I appreciate you re-uploading this. I'm liking the album. Blogs like this are often my only way to dive into this type of music. I was born in the wrong decade. Keep up the good work.

J. Eric Smith said...

LOVE this record. If you'd visited my dorm room circa '85-'86, the first thing you would have noticed was a Grand Mal concert poster with the "Binge/Purge" album cover art (yecch!) that me or my room-mate (details are fuzzy) peeled off a wall in D.C. and transported back to Annapolis for preservation. Still listen to it regularly. Great to see it recognized here!

Mr_Crass said...

Could you please re-up this hard to find F.O.Y classic?

D. said...

Could you please re-up Grand Mal and some other hard to find F.O.Y. issues? Thank you.