Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I-Rails - live @ Ventura College 1990

In December of last year I exhausted the last of my I-Rails studio recordings when I posted their first cassette album, Valentino Says, originally released a quarter century ago in 1986.  Prior to that, I shared in somewhat reverse chronological order their 1988 single, and three post-Valentino tapes, Unfocused, Nine Songs From Nowhere, and Panharmonium.  Since I already extolled on the I-Rails history (including their connection to the Primitive Radio Gods) I'm not going to be redundant here, but will instead point you to the hyperlinks above if you wish to get caught up.  The only thing left at the bottom of the well is this brief live document from 1990.  I'm assuming late 1990, as there are references made to the impending Gulf War (Desert Storm).  Truth be told, while it does contain a pair of my favorite I-Rails missives, namely "Sticks and Stones," and "Behold," it's not exactly the best cross section of their repertoire.  As evidenced by the inter-song banter this was apparently an audience tape, however the recording of the actual performance is impeccable.  Closing their set with a run-through of the oft covered "We Can Work Out," is what it is I suppose, but I'm not complaining.  Enjoy (or not).

01. Around the World
02. Behold
03. In the End
04. Pray for Me
05. Mona Lisa
06. Sticks and Stones
07. We Can Work it Out



Todd said...

Wow! Wasn't expecting to know "Mona Lisa" until it got to the chorus.

Ryan said...

can you please re-up?

Unknown said...

I would really appreciate a re-up of all the i-rails. Pretty please?