Monday, June 25, 2012

Tirez Tirez - Social Responsibility (1987, Primitive Man/IRS)

Thanks to the boffo $1 record racks at Last Vestige Records in Albany, NY, I recently made my acquaintance with Tirez Tirez, the brainchild of one Mikel Rouse who composed and performed Social Responsibility practically all by his lonesome.  Per my favorite musical font of information (thanks Trouser Press) I am under the impression that Tirez Tirez were Talking Heads proteges, who after their first record, Etudes, progressed into something a little less derivative.  In Rouse's case, less derivative translates into occasionally nondescript pop/rock with subtle "wave" tendencies.  Nothing over the top in other words, which tends to work to his benefit here.  "In Your Own Backyard" boasts an irresistible rhythm, "Edge Town" is jangle-lite joy, while "Wake Up" and "My Mistake" recall one of my favorite '80s combos, Fire Town.  The ridiculously repetitive, and woefully underwritten "See My Problem" is to be stricken from your playlists at all costs (but included here for the sake of continuity). 

01. Somebody Tell Me
02. In Your Own Backyard
03. My Mistake
04. Paper Boy
05. Edge Town
06. Wake Up
07. See My Problem
08. Spin Your Wheels
09. Uptight



Matt said...


Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more with what Matt said above. I have literally been searching for a copy of this for YEARS! Thank you very much

spavid said...

Glad I could be of service to you folks. Enjoy.

JohnnyHank said...

Since you mention Fire Town, the Wisconsin Historical Society Museum has an exhibit right now that fellow Willfully Obscure readers might be interested in:

Thanks for turning me on to lots of great music I missed the first time around (or that has been sitting in a crate of vinyl unplayed for over a decade).

Donna said...

thanks for your fantastic blog! Next time you re-up some older posts, please do so for TIREZ TIREZ. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all the great stuff! JD