Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Airlines - tape (1989)

I was dazzled by Airlines debut album when it fell into my lap soon after it's 1994 release, courtesy of the New York based micro-indie imprint, Quixotic Records, which from what I understand has essentially been decommissioned.  Helmed by Jim Tanzer, the Airlines' formula struck me as a consummate blend of '90s indie rock savvy, with poignant post-punk inflections, ranging from the Volcano Suns to Wedding Present, and even the rarely spoken of Flower.  Imagine my good fortune when I came into possession of an original specimen of Airlines 1989 demo cassette earlier this year.  Even on this initial five-song volley, the band (then a quartet) exhibited a precocious dexterity, boasting plenty of warm reverb, nimble guitar interplay, and an air of mystique that's just plain extinct from the vast majority of present day hopefuls.  Four of these tracks would resurface to wider availability on singles, and I'd also like to note that this reel concludes with an unorthodox (yet satisfying) reading of Nick Drake's "Road."  Airlines' website includes a thorough discography, links to several stream-able songs, and crucial biographical details. 

01. Ambulance Dance
02. Test
03. Tears
04. For Richard
05. Road



MKV said...

Thanks for this demo, any chance of posting that self titled lp sometime, i've been wanting to hear that for a while.

spavid said...

It's possible, but I'll have to do some poking around to verify it's not already available. Thanks for the request.

Cliff Evans said...

This made my day - the 7" single of "For Richard"/"Road" is one of my last white-whale records. Thanks!

Unknown said...

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