Friday, June 22, 2012

Drumming on Glass - Asparagus Tea (1990, Aurora)

This is a much-deserved follow-up to the Drumming on Glass single I shared a few weeks back.  While that 45 served as an appetizer, the Lou Giordano produced-Asparagus Tea is truly the main course (I guess "beverage" would have played into the title a little better).  In that last write-up on DoG I mentioned how much I thought this noise-addled trio harkened back to '80s Homestead Records alumni Nice Strong Arm, and to a lesser extent, Breaking Circus.  What I failed to make note of was this Boston trio's even stronger resemblance to New York contemporaries Band of Susans.  Admittedly, Band of Susan's sprawling armada of three Fenders could overpower Drumming on Glass any day, yet both manage to spray paint a kaleidoscope's worth of technicolor onto a similar Marshall-ravaged canvas.  DoG's not-so-secret advantage was their formidable melodic structures - not quite in the "pop" realm mind you, but primo examples here like "Hell on Wheels" and "In the Factory" demonstrate that a little harmony can yield more mileage than you might think.  And it's songs like these that make Asparagus Tea the masterfully played hand that it frequently is.

01. All the Colors
02. Trip
03. Jagged
04. Hell on Wheels
05. Slippery Side  
06. Out to Sea
07. Precious Piece
08. In the Factory
09. Legal Obsession
10. Thrill of it All
11. The Kindest Bag


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