Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rubber Sole - Appetite For Mayhem 7" ep (1994, Sneezeguard)

I'm still on a bit of a punk-pop tear, and this lil' 45 that I recently snatched up from the fine dollar bin at Speed City Records in London, ON does the trick for me.  Produced by Mass Giorgini, a gentlemen who's something of a mainstay in the Chicago punk community, Appetite for Mayhem was Rubber Sole's second ep, going by the record insert.  I'm hearing varying strains of Crimpshrine and Screeching Weasel ebbing and flowing throughout RS's three fairly excellent original cuts here. Total mid-90s Maximum Rock N Roll fare.  For whatever the reason, these Annapolis denizens elected to take Boston's antiseptic power-ballad "Amanda" to task, but manage to regurgitate it into something relatively tolerable.  George 'the Animal' Steele on the cover.

01. Dollar
02. Amanda
03. Own
04. Birkenstock Weekend



Paranoid Futures said...

These guys also had an 8 song cassette and another 7" called Working Class John.

Members went on to form The Thumbs and Sick Sick Birds.

seconds said...
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Adam said...

I'd love a re-up next go 'round, if you're able. I didn't see this the first go around. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

reup please this one. Many Thanks!!