Sunday, July 1, 2012

White Animals - Ecstasy (1984, Dread Beat)

I had a request for this on the heels of White Animals' self-titled album which I shared a couple months back.  Popular local favorites, this Nashville crew had a penchant for churning out immensely vibrant power pop in the mold of the Plimsouls, Producers and early Marshall Crenshaw among other key touchstones of the era.  As the phrase goes, when the White Animals were on they were on big time, and for succulent, albeit a tad conventional pop/rock, you won't do much better than "You Started Something," "Don't Care," and the stunning title track.  There is one rather big misstep permeating Ecstasy's grooves, a long-winded reading of Them's "Gloria" (popularized by the Doors of course).  Absorbing half of side A and clocking in at over nine minutes, the Animals could have substituted a minimum of two more originals in place of this needless dreck, but such injustices are completely out of our control I suppose.  A thorough assessment of the White Animals can be found here.

01. Ecstasy
02. Goodnight and Goodbye
03. Gloria
04. Dreamland
05. Don't Care
06. This Girl of Mine
07. You Started Something
08. For Lovers Only

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