Sunday, July 22, 2012

Um, about those re-uploads from the other night...

This past Tuesday I began the not-so-painful and not-so-arduous task of renewing a spate of dead links for  Babylon Pink, Belreve, Drip Tank, Monkey Rhythm and Snatches of Pink entries that I had posted at various times over the course of the last five years.  Despite having a paid priority account with Rapidshare, my file hoster of choice, the renewed links were shuttered in less than a week, as one of my astute readers pointed out yesterday.  Never mind that when I originally shared these titles the links were active without incident for years.  Never mind that I actually had the approval of sharing these records from some of the artists themselves.  Never mind I was not alerted or provided an explanation when they were originally nixed (earlier this year I believe in the case of all five, and close to a hundred more).

When I selected the updated links today the resulting page on Rapid's site indicated they were "illegal."  A thoroughly arbitrary move on their part on these titles and dozens of others that have gone dormant.  In short, R/S is ostensibly ok with me uploading fresh files seeing the light of the day for the first time, but they mean business about the established ones, that once again were removed arbitrarily in most cases.  The vast majority of links I've posted since 2007 are still live, but I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to re-post that batch of "dead" files.  I know Mediafire has been closing certain blogger accounts entirely, and a lot of the newbies like Rapid Gator and a bunch more are prone to depositing spyware, and nearly as annoying, depict misleading download prompts.  I'll continue utilizing Rapidshare for brand new posts, but could use some help in determining where to park the links I have need to revive.  Thanks.


bglobe313 said...


I'm back in the country and looking to see what's new on Willfully Obscure and I see you are dealing with this foolish annoyance.

I'm sure you thought of it, but is there any ability to get around it by renaming the files? I've seen more people giving unclear titles to files in an attempt to avoid searches and dropping of "illegal" content.

Best to you,


natetalbot said...

bglobe is right. You could probably get away with adding a useless file, such as a .jpg, to the .rar folder and renaming it. This would give the folder different contents and a different identity, assuming Rapidshare does not unarchive the compressed folder and examine the contents.

spavid said...

Thanks for your suggestions. Changing the file names has dawned on me, however since all five of those re-upped files were apparently removed in one fell swoop, this indicated to me someone working at/with Rapidshare is potentially visiting my blog and reading my updates. I can rename the files, but in order to alert my readers that I've reestablished any given link, I'm going to have to inform them via a comment of some sort, which is fair game for everyone to see. See my predicament?

Anonymous said... is working fine for me.

spavid said...

Thanks pb.