Monday, July 2, 2012

The Bounce - Things That Go Bounce in the Night ep (1981, Catch 22)

Bearing a moniker like The Bounce and coupling that with a colorful, freewheeling record sleeve, you would naturally expect this female fronted New Jersey outfit to be of the upbeat persuasion.  For that observation you'd be right on the money, much like I was, though this six-piece don't quite exude the presence their numbers would suggest.  I suppose I need to remind myself that this record was recorded in mid-1981 (on my eighth birthday to be exact!), a good year or two before the glossy, over-the-top veneer of '80s production techniques began to lacquer the musical landscape in earnest.  In that respect, Things That Go Bounce... isn't particularly annoying, so long as you have a penchant for bubble-gummy pop with modest new wave leanings.  BTW, it sounds like there's a Farfisa organ wafting through The Bounce house as well.  Nonetheless, this troupe doesn't have anything on the Pointed Sticks.  Enjoy (or not). 

01. Don't Tell Me
02. No Choice
03. Another Instant Romance
04. Killing Me
05. Changing
06. Maybe Tomorrow


Cinnamon Girl said...

Speaking of the Pointed Sticks, you don't by any chance have the 7" version of "The Real Thing", do you?

spavid said...

I don't have an original copy of that single, but it was made available on this CD