Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moving Parts ep (1983, MPI)

Bearing just enough of an edge for my radar to hone in on, this synth-enhanced, Seattle quintet could easily flip the switch and hurtle into album-rock mode if they so desired, but to our good fortune they exercise a precious modicum of restraint.  And speaking of all things precious, the preppie visages and hairdos emblazoned on the back sleeve are as apropos as Moving Parts rather routine (though surprisingly not monotonous) take on mainstreamed new wave. "Cities Return to Me" is about as close as we get to something stirring, not far off from what the Comsat Angels brought to the party amidst their mid-80s tenure.  A bevy of other M/P tracks, both studio and live can be experienced here.  Further perusal of this website enlightened moi that the band recently regrouped under the strapping and freshly christened moniker Empire of Sleep, with a new CD to their credit no less.

01. Blindman Walking
02. Under
03. Cities Return to Me
04. Princess and the President
05. Nothing's Gonna Bring Me Down

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