Monday, January 31, 2011

Truck Stop Love - How I Spent My Summer Vacation (1995, Backyard/Scotti Brothers)

Though I don't recall what particular entry it was under, someone belonging to the band Truck Stop Love posted that I had the proverbial green light to share their music on Wilfully Obscure.  Well, here's a considerable slice of their back catalog.  How I Spent My Summer Vacation was in fact the Manhattan, KS group's lone full length.  It's only been in recent years that I've acquainted myself with their earnest, and sometimes downright raucous strain of Midwest rock, swinging in several directions, including riff-roaring grunge/punk, but even more notably recalling the robust Americana persuasions of Uncle Tupelo and Whiskeytown.  As for ...Summer Vacation itself there ain't a bad apple in the bunch, rather it's just a matter of what you're in the mood for.  This mere paragraph hardly does the TSL justice, so head over here for a more exhaustive biography.  You can also check out their self-titled 1993 ep over at I Hate the '90s blog.

01. You Owe
02. Other Stars
03. Bitter Boy
04. Walton's Mountain
05. How I Spent My Summer Vacation
06. Old Flama
07. U*S*A Dad
08. The Letter
09. Benny
10. Whiskey Waltz
11. Can't Hear It
12. Carolina's Eyes
13. hidden track

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Rich said...

The person in question who gave the thumbs up would be me Rich Yarges. Thanks for posting this. Too bad this sort of modern technology wasn't available in our Hey Day. We might of turned a few more units!

spavid said...

Hey Rich. Glad you spotted the post. If I'm not mistaken, TSL released a single or two, right?

Rich said...

We released a single of "Stagnation w/ B-side The Liquor Has Hardened Me." This was give away with our Self Titled EP when you purchased it. A Radio Only EP "Fuentez The Killer" was released in conjunction with Summer Vacation and included our cover of Petty's "Listen to Her Heart" and an unrelased track "So Deep."(One of my favorites) We also released a split 7" with Action Man from Lawrence, KS shortly after we were "let go" from Scotti/Backyard Records. "Nothing Left To Start(TSL)/Pool Or Pond (Action Man)." You actually posted "Nothing Left To Start" but the Ultimate Fakebook cover. Eric Melin was our drummer and then moved behind the kit for UFB after we called it quits. I have to say Eric is probably the most impressive drummer one could witness.

Unknown said...

As a (old) friend of Matt Mozier, I did my best to further the interest of Truck Stop Love... Just as I felt I was getting a grip on it.. (turned at least 5 friends on) they disbanded...and to this they left us with a great dust on the jacket hidden treasure album......

Patrick said...

I have a great 1992 cassette from Red House Recording that has River Mountain Love, Townie, Hand, The Way, Amphetamine and Fried. Still my favorite TSL release. I just wish I had a digital version of it.

Patrick said...
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Eugene Yompster said...

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Proxima6142 said...

Any chance of a re-up?