Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tall Tales & True - s/t (1986, Survival)

Last October when I shared Tall Tales & True's Shiver CD, I mentioned that I was eager to become acquainted with some of the group's earlier records, particularly this self-titled mini album.  Not only did someone lend me a hand, they air-mailed me the actual record along with four more scarce TT&T eps as a Christmas gift, wrapped and everything.  A hearty thanks to the bloke who went to all that trouble (you know who you are)!  I'll get to those other eps at a later date, but the seven-cut Tall Tales & True is what I'm sharing today.  For those of you who helped yourselves to Shiver, you'll be familiar with this Aussie trio's Americanized roots rock slant that was still taking shape on these occasionally twangy and even dissonant tunes.  More San Antonio than Tall Tales native Sydney one might say.  Really nice to hear this. We finally get to hear their nascent recordings and satisfy our collective curiosity (well, at least mine anyway).  Enjoy.

01. Purple and Green
02. Strangers
03. It's Not What You Say
04. Sunshine Man
05. Who Will Buy
06. Wasted Life
07. Hey Sister


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