Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Four Million Telephones - Save You ep (1988, Summerhouse)

Here's yet another obscuro record-type-thing I obtained on Ebay.  Per the sellers description, and from what I was able to glean from the record jacket, my ears were pricked up to hear a long lost jewel in the mold of countless C86 and Sarah Records bands., I don't think so.  Nevertheless, I bid on it, I paid for it, it's mine and I'm going to blog about!

In actuality this co-ed, UK sextet were too complex to fit into that aforementioned realm.  The arrangement of the exuberant title cut recalls The Teardrop Explodes, courtesy of the horn section (actually mimicked by synths) though Four Million Telephones had nothing on Cope and Co.  "After That" maintains some of the momentum, with it's chorus cruising on the wave of a fairly savvy melody.  As for the tracks on side two, I'm still trying to figure 'em out.  Maybe you'll have better luck than me.  Save You is certainly what you would call a "grower."  It appears that FMT had another ep preceding this one. 

01. Save You
02. After That
03. If I Was There
04. This Sleep

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Anonymous said...

I grew up with these in Lincoln in the 80's. They were always more than happy to share a beer with us stoodents!