Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Slumber - demo tape (1995)

Listening to any given song on this cassette makes me ponder if Tsunami's Jenny Toomey made a clone of herself, shipped it off to the Twin Cities (circa 1995) and started a side-project called Slumber.  Yes, Sara Garry, the voice and bass behind this long departed Minneapolis trio is that much of a dead ringer for Toomey, and even if you're not particularly enthusiastic about Tsunami, I think you'll at least side with me regarding the comparison.  Amidst the clangy fret-work and tuneful inclinations is a bittersweet, downer-pop vibe that seems to work wonders on my often pensive psyche.  I'd also recommended Slumber for you Spinanes fans out there.  This was a really sweet surprise, and leads me to wonder if there was any more where this came from.

01. Valliat
02. Sister Sandy
03. Snoop Jane
04. Dan's Song



joseph kyle said...

Nice....speaking of, do you have that last Tsunami single, "Poodle?"

spavid said...

Got it J, and will try to post it in the not too distant future.

Unknown said...

can i request re up? :D

spavid said...

The link has been updated.