Friday, January 14, 2011

The N - s/t ep (1981, Hit-a-Note)

It turns out that I've had a record in my possession for some five years that just fetched over $150 on Ebay, namely this one, by the curiously dubbed The N.  I think I scored my copy on Ebay as well, though at a much more affordable fee.  Problem is, my copy wouldn't be valued nearly as much, because a) $150 would be much wisely spent elsewhere, b) no one else would be batshit crazy enough to wager that kind of coin again, and c) the sleeve is in atrocious condition.  In fact, sharing a presentable pic of it on this blog alone required some Photoshop handiwork.  With that out of the way, on their six-song 10" ep released on the Kentucky based "Hit-a-Note imprint, The N try out several flavors of post-punk rock, including an acute stab at power pop in the form of the lead-off "Leave Me Crying."  "Go To Work" has the fingerprints of Gang of Four's skeletal funk all over it, delivered in yankee fashion I might add, while the chorus of "Teenage Subversives" hints at the chimey pop that contemporaries the dB's had recently made their calling card.  Best of all, you can listen to it cost free in perpetuity, so stuff that $150 back into the cookie jar and pass me an Oreo.

01. Leave Me Crying
02. Mayday
03. Aviator
04. Go to Work
05. Teenage Subversives
06. Random Access


Monkey Flinging Poo said...

Great commentary. Must be fun to shop for this stuff on Ebay. Appreciate you sharing!

jeffen said...

That record is fun - maybe not $150.00 worth - but clearly fun.
P.S. Great last line of the write-up.

Frank Miller said...

Nice record, thanks!!

Billy Belman said...

Any idea if this is the same The N that did the theme song to "Earth Girls Are Easy"?

rhythmplague said...

Hey, any chance of a re-up? Very curious about this!

Great blog by the way