Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Singles Going Single #159 - Olivelawn 7" (1991, Sympathy for the Record Industry)

I had a request for an Olivelawn single, and what do you know, I happen to have one (though this secondhand copy was not partiularly well preserved, and has some pretty painful surface noise to drive that point home).  Although he didn't materialize in the original Olivelawn lineup (this single included) Fender-wrangler Otis "O" Barthoulameu would soon after spearhead fluf.  As for Olivelawn themselves, these San Diego miscreants spewed a righteously heavy noise, out-grunge-ing their most raucous contemporaries up north in Seattle, and posessed the kind of heaving chops that would have wiped the floor of Blue Cheer in their heyday.  If this wax strikes your fancy, their albums Sap and Sophomore Jinx are to be consumed immediately.

A. Beautiful Feeling
B1. Carvin' the Devil's Paintbrush
B2. untitled

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Buddhaboy said...

Cheers for posting this. I am still trying to find the 4>2 single on nemesis. Here's the Canary Training Record by Fluf if you're interested.