Saturday, June 12, 2010

Various - Loud Ugly Pop (1993, FATbeat)

Here's an after-dinner mint of sorts to the Horace Pinker cd I shared yesterday.  Loud Ugly Pop is a three-band compilation featuring the aforementioned Horace, as well as two fellow Arizona pop-punk cabals, Man Dingo and Six. You're definitely going to encounter some overlap with the H/P songs here in relationship to the tracklist of their Power Tools album, but by and large, I'm really posting this as an excuse to get more Man Dingo tuneage out there.  I've already dedicated two posts to them in recent years, and if you've partaken in any of them, you might notice they bear a strong resemblance to Big Drill Car.  Loud Ugly Pop features two non-LP/EP tracks by them, "Madame Pleaser" and "Roots."  Can't speak highly enough of them.  As for Six, my knowledge of them begins and ends with their four contributions here, some of which are frankly a bit sketchy, but "Only Yesterday" is relatively redeeming. 

01. Six - All In My Mind
02. Horace Pinker - First Everything
03. Man Dingo - Jones
04. Six - Yes (Oh Yes)
05. Horace Pinker - Sucker
06. Man Dingo - I Said
07. Horace Pinker - Knives
08. Six - Only Yesterday
09. Man Dingo - Roots
10. Horace Pinker - Punker Than GBH
11. Man Dingo - Madame Pleaser
12. Six - I Wanna Have Sex WIth That Girl


Nate said...

any chance at a re-up on this one? love Horace Pinker. would be eternally grateful

spavid said...

Link has been updated.

Anthony said...

I'd love a re-up on this CD, thanks!