Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Piersons - Appleberry Wine (1997, ¡Epiphany!)

Here’s another pleasant surprise from the FYE 25 cent bin (r.i.p.). The Piersons were a highly competent three-piece rock and roll set from Arizona. Keep in mind I’m basing my opinion on them strictly on this disk, but would love to know if there's anything else out there. Given it's year of issue, there's nary any info to be found online pertaining to Appleberry Wine, but as for what you'll have in store think Titanic Love Affair, The Figgs, Grand Champeen, and even circa 1989 Replacements. Some truly inspired moments here, including but not limited to "Waitress?" and "Just Like Now."

01. Sometimes, Sometimes
02. Just Like Now
03. Tease
04. Lightnin' Speed
05. Waitress?
06. India
07. California Eyes
08. Got It Made
09. Something Strange
10. I Could Never Tell
11. Insecurity
12. untitled


Josh said...

Good stuff.

From what I can uncover, they have two other full lengths titled Humbucker and Last Train Down.

spavid said...

Thanks for the info Josh. Hopefully I'll come across these.

patricksedillo said...

Oh I'm glad you liked it. I'm in San FRancisco now..


BTW I've been thinking of posting all the stuff on Itunes... my fb is Patrick Sedillo at KPIX

spavid said...

Hey Patrick. If you need me to take this down just say the word. Are other Piersons cds still available? Go ahead and email at the address in my profile.

Carty said...

Patti... don't think - DO! I have all three CD's, and anyone seeking out this great music should have it available to them!

I saw the band many times, and still have great memories thanks to you and the other bands from the Mill Avenue scene.

Neil said...

Thanks for posting the rar, I have the cd and one track was dammaged so i never put it on my ipod.. till now. Great Tempe band. Cool to see Patrick pipe in too.

Stinky LePew said...

There's a great track by them: HELEN REDDY on their HUMBUCKER album!

HowardPastaGrillman said...

Glad you posted this, will look out for this album. Humbucker is a really fun, indie-styled power pop album. Probably captures the Mill Avenue scene but I was 11 at the time and hated Tempe.