Monday, June 7, 2010

Mudhoney - On Tour Now live promo (1993, WB)

Here's a fairly scarce Mudhoney promo CD dished out to those lucky folks in the alt-radio biz back in the heyday of the Northwest grunge fracas.  Seven songs (discounting the banter track "Fashion Forecast) from a hometown Seattle performance, dated 2/10/93, and a decent track selection at that considering it's brevity. The last two tracks are Angry Samoans and Fang covers respectively, the latter also a regular addition in Nirvana's live sets at the time.  Nice.

01. Suck You Dry
02. Make It Now
03. Fashion Forecast
04. Dead Love
05. No End in Sight
06. You Got It
07. You Stupid Asshole
08. The Money Will Roll Right In


eric said...

Superb stuff! Thanks.

Brushback said...

Yeah, this is pretty cool.

Ralph Dodger said...