Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cinnamon - Cream Soda (1996, Nation Underground/FRE)

Someone once floated the notion that Vancouver's Cinnamon were Canada's answer to Redd Kross...but was that comparison valid?  Guess you'll have to let the music do the talking.  If anyone has the specifics on this defunct quartet, beyond the the blurb on Allmusic linked above, comment to your hearts content. 

01. Cream Soda
02. Judgement Day (In the Sun)
03. Super Hi-fi Love Song
04. Crazy
05. 1970
06. Valerie & Kim
07. I'll Never Know
08. Raygun
09. Swim or Shine
10. Veronica
11. America
12. Jenny Falls Apart


acresofbears said...

Thanks - I've been looking for this for a while. I can't remember why I started looking because I hadn't heard of them before (even though I live in the area)- but while searching last year I came across an old interview at (which has a link to a review from the same music mag:
Thanks again!

zuiop said...

Can you re-up please?