Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pavement - Stack o' Slack

By now everyone and their landscaper are aware that Pavement have reunited for some select tour dates (and a fat wad of bills I might add) this year. Their next performance is slated for Toronto's Olympic Island June 19th. With guests like Broken Social Scene and Band of Horses preceding Stockton, CA's finest, you might say this gig promises to be a big fucking deal. Future North American and European tour dates can be found over yonder. Thus far, I've dedicated only one post to Pavement on these pages, namely a promo single to coincide with the deluxe reissue of Wowee Zowee back in 2006. Over the years I've been collecting an assortment of non-lp Pavement material, and although there aren't many studio goodies that haven't been featured on Matador Records exemplary double CD reissues of Pavement's catalog (I'm assuming we'll see a tricked out version of Terror Twilight before the year is out), there are some live odds and ends and even some pre-Pavement endeavors I've been lucky enough top find on such file trading portals as Soulseek. Behold, twenty-four songs comprising a hasty, haphazard, homemade hash that kicks rhyme and reason straight to the curb like this weeks recycling. Several covers abound here, some courtesy of the full band, others just by Stephen Malkmus himself. Speaking of Mr. Malkmus, we visit two bands he was in prior to Pavement, Lakespeed and Bag-o-Bones. Some miscellaneous stuff is strewn about as well including a Peel Session cut from '99, plus a studio track so rare and golden that I purposely left it off the tracklist below. So here it is, in no particular order and at various bitrates. Do enjoy (or not).

Alaska (Malkmus llive)
Black Walls (Stray Slack boot)
Bob Nastanovich readin' poetry
Cadillac Darling (Lakespeed, Malkmus pre-Pavement)
Canada (Silver Jews Cover)
Carl The Clod (live)
Coming Close To Being Born (Bag-o-Bones, Malkmus pre-Pavement)
Debris Slide (live)
Disorder (Joy Division Cover live 10-7-99)
Federal Dust (Silver Jews Cover)
Golden Boys
I Want Candy (Malkmus live)
In Between Days (Malkmus live)
Kitten In Porterville (live CCR cover)
Lithium (live Nirvana cover)
Robyn Turns 26 (At Home With the Groovebox comp track)
Sebadoh~Helen Stones (6-20-93 Copenhagen, SUTC boot)
Shaky Brow (Lakespeed, Malkmus pre-Pavement)
Sprite Drinker (live)
The Hexx (1999 Peel Session)
unknown live track
What Goes On (live Velvet Underground cover)


biopunk said...

Thanks, I really like the Malkmus/Cure and the Agony of the Stars.


Ralph Dodger said...

Nice Work! Many thanks.

Lemontone said...

Any chance of a re-up of this?

Thanks for all your hard work on this site! found it recently and loving discovering some stuff i'd never hear otherwise.

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Fuser said...

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