Monday, June 21, 2010

The Chant - Two Car Mirage & Three Sheets to the Wind (1989/85, Safety Net)

Despite their namesake, there's nary a cadence to be encountered on this Florida by way of Atlanta, GA conglomerate's two albums.  No gimmicks at all in fact, just a robust serving of twangy cum jangly guitar rawk with nods to the likes of such disparate forbearers as REM, Dream Syndicate, and Uncle Tupelo.  For those of you who need this quotient broken down a little further, The Chant were a little bit country, but way more rock and roll.  A relatively thorough bio can be procured on The Chant's modest Myspace hovel (linked above), and per usual, the online incarnation of the Trouser Press record guide leaves no stone unturned when it comes to these Dixie-based chaps.  The compact disk version of Two Car Mirage appends the bulk of the band's debut LP, Three Sheets to the Wind, in fact leaving merely one of it's nine tracks to languish on the turntable.  Lead guitarist Gregory Dean Smalley succumbed to complications due to AIDS in 1996, making the possibility of a Chant reunion a non-starter.

Two Car Mirage
01. Wild Blue Yonder
02. Change
03. I Don't Ask for Much
04. Clear Light Shuffle
05. I'm Still Waiting
06. Coat 'o Many Colors
07. 7:20
08. Through My Eyes
09. Get Along This Time
10. Lubbock Lights

Three Sheets to the Wind
11. All Behind Me
12. Small House
13. Turned Inside Out
14. Drive Away
15. Jonesboro
16. ...For You
17. Little Black Egg
18. Perfect World



Eric said...

Thanks for posting this. I was thinking about The Chant after reading the editorial in the new issue of Stomp and Stammer (an Atlanta free music monthly) about the number of musicians from Florida who end up in Atlanta, including Walter and Jim (among others) from the Chant.

Traitor Vic said...

These guys were GREAT! I used to go see them as often as possible.

A girl that was dating Walter worked in the same building that I did and she told me about them after we'd seen each other out at clubs a few times. I remember that he was a really swell guy.

I've still got my "Two Car Mirage" on vinyl but haven't heard "Three Sheets" in about 132 Forevers, so Thanks a Bunch for this post!

Unknown said...

Believe it or not, a Chant reunion IS in the works (with TBD guitarist replacing Greg Smalley) and will hopefully take place in Atlanta later this summer!

SM Blogger said...
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dr.bigsound said...

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spavid said...

The link has been updated.

dr.bigsound said...

Hi spavid, thank you for the new link.

Onuska said...

on, link dead, any chance of re up? por favor? saw them many times back in the day,

Onuska said...

Gracias, much thx

saxaphoneplaya said...

i hate to be that guy... but any interest in sharing The Chant one more time? Thinking about starting one of these to help keep the most elusive/underground ones alive. but also very interested because their style sounds right up my alley. thanks in advance!

saxaphoneplaya said...

i would even buy a download but digital copies don't seem to exist. thinking about going for vinyl but def want a copy to take on-the-go/mobile. cheers

Tristan said...

Hi, please could reupload this album in 320 kbps? Thank you very much.