Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Unherd - s/t (1993, Assorted Porkchops)

Ok, time to kick into a little punk, I mean hardcore...or perhaps old school-emocore might be a better categorization.  Nah.  How about we call Unherd a little bit of each and leave it at that, because when you lay your ears on this I think you'll discover that this bygone Columbia, SC trio had their collective fingers in all three pies.  Upon a 1994 visit to Epicenter Zone Records (R.I.P.) in San Francisco, one in-store spin was all it took to get me jazzed about this disk.  Unfortunately they didn't actually have extra copies for sale, so I ended up mailordering it from Assorted Porkchops. It was worth the wait though.  Unherd definitely exuded a '90s Gilman St. vibe, with some gnarly Rites of Spring maneuvers thrown in for good measure, and yes, they were even able to carry a tune when they opted to do so.  Track seven is a Soup cover, if that means anything to you.

01. Blue
02. Shitter
03. 20
04. Raincore
05. Dusk
06. Bulk Rate Male
07. Take a Day
08. Dripping
09. Prayers
10. Pow
11. Fluff
12. Nude
13. Pemex

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CY said...

This gets overshadowed by Assfactor 4 but it's probably my favorite record of my piddly collection.