Thursday, April 29, 2010

Various - Echos From the Nation's Capital: A Washington D.C. Compilation (1993, Third World Underground)

Thought I'd share this fairly vintage compilation featuring ten bygone artists from a little town I paid a nice visit to last week. True, there's not a trace of Fugazi, Shudder to Think, or even Bad Brains to be found on Echos From the Nations Capital, however in their place we're treated to fine tuneage from such less oft heard '90s D.C. scenesters as the power poppin' High Back Chairs, indie demi-gods Tsunami, and a pair of my favorites, Trusty and Edsel, the latter of which I've dedicated some considerable space on these pages to. Lungfish check in with one of their best post-hardcore, slow-burners "Abe Lincoln," Liquor Bike offer the righteously heavy sludge rawker "Plain to See," while Wingtip Sloat and Candy Machine opt for a decidedly more avant bent.

01. Trusty - Capital Hill
02. Lungfish - Abe Lincoln
03. Tsunami - Crackers
04. Derf - Duct Tape
05. Wingtip Sloat - Waxing Neurotic
06. Edsel - Derelict Fancy
07. Liquor Bike - Plain to See
08. High Back Chairs - $1.60
09. Candy Machine - From a Boat
10. Revision - Turn Back the Clock



genehack said...

Damn, if I'd known you were in town, I would have bought you a beer! Thanks so much for this blog, it's really great!

spavid said...

Beer nothing! What I really needed on my trip was free room and board. Still I might take you up on your offer the next time I'm down there.

joseph kyle said...

do you have any Owsley? he passed away yesterday.

spavid said...

Had no idea Owsley died. Wow. I'll see what I can get up. He was the lead singer of a band called The Semantics who released an awesome album, Powerbill in the '90s. It's available on Look What the Twat Dragged In blog:

neo_sepal said...

hey! netkups claims the file has been deleted due to inactivity. is there anyway you could reupload this? this is the perfect sort of thing for blogs like this because i can't find any other way to get my hands on this record! thanks so much!

spavid said...

Just fixed the link. Thanks for alerting me Neil.

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