Thursday, April 8, 2010

further - sometimes chimes (1994, Christmas)

Recently had a request for this long overlooked mid-90s artifact. I shared a further ep way back in '07 called Golden Grimes, that's still available for the taking. Consisting of Darren and Brent Rademaker, once of major label flunkies Shadowland, further was something of a 180 degree reaction to that regrettable endeavor. After imbibing an overdose of SST-era Dino Jr, Sentridoh, and perhaps a swig or two of Polvo, Darren and Brent decided to extend their spin on mid-fi indie rawk to a rather indifferent public, save for a few college radio djs and fanzine scribes. Sometimes Chimes, their second and final proper LP, was by far and away their lengthiest release, clocking in at over an hour with two-dozen plus selections of clangly noise pop. If you ever wondered what the "bridge" between post-Bug Dinosaur Jr and Lou Barlow's fully realized vision of Sebadoh (circa Bubble and Scrape) would amount to, Chimes will give you a fairly spot on idea. It features some of their finest moments, including "She Lives By the Castle 2," "Generic 7," and a cover of Unrest's "Isabel." Look for more further to come on Wilfully Obscure.

01. surfing pointers
02. generic 7
03. duck pond
04. ferrets and weasels
05. brian and ray
06. she lives by the castle 2
07. the kindergarten set
08. phase out
09. j.o. 2
10. unstuck
11. sometimes too
12. pioneer 10
13. isabel
14. jaded ball
15. doof amuz 6 (the love machine)
16. going to glendora
17. traction in the rain
18. ride
19. big spoon
20. katdancer
21. sickness
22. organ doner
23. further doh jr-q
24. alternative ulcer
25. new glass
26. untitled



Unknown said...

I already have this but thank you for reminding me to listen to 'em again. None of my friends understood what I saw In these guys (mid 90's). I'm listening to The Summer Hits "Beaches and Canyons" in memoriam.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Heh, Furtherdoh Jr. Should the Q be as obvious?

Jwil said...


Casey said...

Can you please re-upload this?? It says it got deleted!

THANKS, best damn blog ever

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

Unknown said...

Could this be updated? The link has expired

Educated Idiot said...

Any chance of the Further re-ups? Hard to find this stuff. Really love the blog. Keep up the solid work (for many years).

Charlie's Church of Christ said...

reup if you can please!