Saturday, April 3, 2010

Travis Cut - Complicated ep (1997, Fluffy Bunny)

If you're one to partake in such bygone British punk-pop groups like Mega City Four, The Senseless Things, Midway Still, Snuff, and even Ned's Atomic Dustbin you may already be familiar with Travis Cut. Doling out four albums and a bevy of singles and eps throughout much of the '90s and beyond, this caffeinated three-piece had a knack for speedy, melodic tuneage, and this 1997 ep is sure to make for a fine introduction. These four tracks are also available on a Travis Cut singles compilation, Another Day Another Drummer, which might still be available here. Word is the band has reconvened and aims to release an album in the near future.

01. Complicated
02. Look I'm Wrong
03. Scars
04. Interrupted



YankeeBoy said...

I absolutely love MC4 and Senseless Things but somehow managed to miss these guys. Do you have any of their albums?

spavid said...

I have a Senseless Things album up:

Mark H said...

reminds me of China Drum