Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pollyanna - Delta City Skies (1999, Mushroom)

My previous Pollyanna features seamed to to make a big impression on a lot of you, so I thought I'd up yet another out of print album from this Australia trio, who never really had a shot outside of their continent. I've always been a big proponent of Pollyanna's second LP, Hello Halo, rife with impassioned fury and Matt Handley's visceral songcraft. The preceding Longplayer was a keeper as well, though it couldn't quite foretell the corker that was waiting in the wings just one year later. At any rate, Delta City Skies landed two years on the heels of Hello..., and though it doesn't always bear the bittersweet incisiveness and alt-rawk crunch and moxie of that album, Delta finds Pollyanna settling into a more mature modus operendi, without any austere ennui. In other words another winner, though I can't say their swan song, 200o's, Didn't Feel a Thing was nearly as endearing.

Yes, mine is a signed copy, for better or worse.

01. S.S.A.E.
02. Black Bear
03. Feeding Circle
04. In Love With Doubt
05. Home Is Where My Heart Sank
06. Office Relations
07. Hermit Inertia
08. Disclaimer
09. Vanilla Coated Salesman
10. Frayed
11. Cicada Sounds
12. Crave the Comfort You Give



C D Carbone said...

Spavid, Thanks a bunch for this. Yeah, they really are great. My favorite female-playered-Australian trio. And I like all their stuff. Makes me wish I was an Aussie Aussie Aussie Oy Oy! Cc.

Unknown said...

I echo the thanks.

Unknown said...

If I'm reading the tray card right, it's "Vanilla Coated Salesmen," plural.

Paul said...

Thanks for uploading this - though we'll have to disagree on the merits of their last album, which I felt at least had a killer first half.

Now to find a copy of Matt Handley's solo record...

AussieBen said...

Really think that Delta and Longplayer were the best bits Pollyanna did. Halo had a couple of songs like Brittle then Broken, but overall I would put it well below the two EPs (or Junior Rock as the pair were later released together) Longplayer and Delta. I loved this band from the moment I heard them on the radio here in Australia in 1995, I think it was.
I know that Matt Handley is now the guitar tech for an Aussie bad called Tame Impala. I think that says something of the man's confidence perhaps. One of our finest songwriters ever.

Editor said...

Thank you for posting Pollyanna's records, a great band indeed. If you have any chance, please post Matt Handley's solo record. Thanks!

Leaves Fyres said...

Guys, I NEED this album and Didn't Feel A Thing and Matt's solo stuff!!! PLEASE HEEEELP!!

You can send files to

All my CD's were stolen years ago so I don't have them anymore.

spavid said...

The link has been updated. Cheers!

Michael said...

can you update the link again? thanks