Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ear Candy - Self Defence ep (1987, Imnop)

More Canadian "wave" for you. This is an aesthetically related followup of sorts to my recent Those French Girls post. Straight outta suburban Toronto, Ear Candy weren't the most innovative bunch, but this ep does yield "Part of Me," on par with, or even surpassing anything by the likes of OMD, When in Rome, and Hipsway (anyone remember them)? Four spit-shined, but inevitably catchy cuts to be experienced here, sure to usher you back to a more coveted place in time. The Google gods were not kind to me on Ear Candy (even New Romantic Rules missed the boat on this one). Self Defence may have very well been released on a homegrown label. Enjoy (or not).

01. Part of Me
02. The Hunter
03. Diamond Eyes
04. After the Rain



The Fall Of Mr. Fifths said...

Hi, I know you posted some singles by New Sweet Breath awhile ago. Any chance you happen to have these albums by New Sweet Breath?

Supersound Speedway
Demolition Theatre
Shotgun Down An Avalanche
Acceleration and Distortion

Buddhaboy said...

cheers for the excelent music. Could you post any of the following if you happen to have them:

Fishwife - S/T 7"
Edsel - Extended Play EP
Carlos! - Coriander Salamader
Norman Mayer Group - any of the singles or the album.