Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Philisteens - Walkin a Thin Line/Your Picture 12" (1983, Radio Free America)

About four months ago I shared one of my more recent "retro" discoveries, the self titled, 1982 album from Albuquerque’s Philisteens. It was a stunning example of ballsy power-pop making a head on collision with the riff-roaring persuasion of punk, and it looks like a lot of you were on board with me. On this brief follow-up, the Philisteens softened their tact, without blunting it - at least not for the most part. More commercially aware, no doubt about it (the pronounced keyboards are a dead giveaway), but it still grinds any of their "modern rock" contemporaries into kitty litter. There are all kinds of snaps and pops here, therefore if I should obtain a cleaner copy an upgrade will be imminent.

A. Walkin a Thin Line
B. Your Picture


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