Saturday, July 4, 2009

Major problems - everyone please read this, and reply if you can help!

Ok, maybe not major problems, but yesterday I upgraded to the latest version of MS Internet Explorer (v. 8) and upon doing so, I am not able to cut and paste any text into the text field, whether it be from another website or a Word doc. In fact, the "paste" function is completely greyed out. A few individuals, myself included, have posted to Blogspot's help forum (would copy and paste the URL, but per above, not an option at the moment). This is apparently a user-wide issue, but Blogspot has yet to formally acknowledge it as such. The few replies to my post and others, is to circumvent IE 8 entirely and use Firefox, which really isn't a solution, so much as a work-around. Nevertheless, I gave it a shot. I started writing my text in the "compose" section as normal, but as soon as I hit "publish post," I was greated with a slew of HTML errors, even though I didn't use any HTML tags. So...I deleted the whole thing, typed in a three-word sentence, without bold-facing, italicizing, etc, and was again greated with a huge HTML error when I attempted to publish.

Next, I uninstalled IE 8 altogether, reinstalled version IE 7, and was unable to open a browser window (actually, it flashed up for a nano-second, before disappearing). Never experienced anything this frustrating or confounding on Blogspot before. I use the cut/paste feature for copying URLs, which can often be lengthy, not to mention some occasional text from relevant websites. If anyone can help, please do so, but DO NOT merely suggest that I go with Firefox instead. For the time being, it's not an option for me. Also, is it possible to email a Blogspot administrator? No sign of an address on their site. There has to be some way to fix this on their end



jeffen said...

No solution to suggest, just a wish for good luck in fixing the problem.

I had a spate of those HTML errors and had to start typing in wordpad and then pasting it (different situation but hey, there's a solution for every damn blogger fuck-up.)

spavid said...

Guess I can try that. Thanks.

mike said...

you tried the compatibility button? and how about use the key commands rather than right click? other than those to obvious things it would have to be coding issues blogspot must fix to work with ie8.

spavid said...

Thanks Mike. I changed the compatability settings in Explorer and so far, so good. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Mookie said...

Use Firefox from

rgratzer said...

I see that you're not having problems with this anymore, but in case something else pops up:

Word docs will have formatting in the text, no matter if you specified it or not - and that formatting can jack things up.

Notepad is the ultimate in keep the text simple. Wordpad is next in line.

Lastly, sometimes if paste doesn't work, you can instead select all of the text in the document and then simply drag it into the post window. Sometimes that's a way to get around using commands.

Good blog! thanks.