Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Church - random rarities

Looks like I may be offline for a couple of days, so to tide you over 'til the weekend, I present to you a self-curated compilation of rare b-sides and the like from one of the greatest Rickenbacker-wielding conglomerations of all time - The Church. Sure, they've had the Aussie tag pinned to them since day one, but these they're all scattered around different parts of the globe. If you're a fan, you know their collective locales are irrelevant. And how about maintaining their core, original lineup of Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes, and Marty Wilson-Piper for the better part of their three-decade existence?

I've resisted the temptation from dedicating posts to The Church in the past for the simple fact that, thankfully, they've done such a damn good job of keeping their back catalog in print. Not an easy feat for a band with just shy of 20 albums to their credit! Here are a few that got away, so to speak including a crucial early b-side, "Busdriver" the band was (supposedly) too embarrassed to include on any of their recent reissues, as well as "Wardance," an outtake from the Gold Afternoon Fix demo sessions. Lots more b-side gold to indulge in here. Source info for each track is below. Enjoy. 
01. She Never Said (vinyl-only single vers)
02. Busdriver (b-side of Unguarded Moment)
03. When You Were Mine (vinyl single edit)
04. Tantalized (single edit)
05. Unsubstantiated (from Tequila Sunrise sndtrk)
06. Roomful of Diamonds (Radiators cover)
07. Nightmare (b-side of Ripple)
08. Fog (b-side of Ripple)
09. White Star Line (b-side NSEW)
10. Gypsy Stomp (b-side NSEW)
11. Anyway (b-side of Louisiana)
12. Lizard (b-side of Louisiana)
13. Warm Oily Voices (outtake)
14. Wardance (Gold Afternoon Fix demo)


Monkey Flinging Poo said...

Thanks much. I'm not sure if I own this yet, but I'm interested in a slew of these tunes. There isn't much better than The Church.

chrome3d said...

I would only nag about the inclusion of Nightmare and Fog, as there are better versions available on Priest=Aura remaster.

Also She Never Said (single version) and When You Were Mine (single edit) are available on new Deep in the Shallows compilation along with other single edits. I don´t know about Tantalized (single version).

Rest of the 9 songs should be still out of print.

spavid said...

Didn't realize there was an expanded version of Priest. Will have to track that down.

AustinP007 said...

Thank you for posting these rarities.
Is the single version of the "Louisiana" out of print?

zeb.luque said...

Hey, thanks a lot, this is just pure gold, The church it's the best out there!

Anonymous said...

I used to be a fan of The Church, and recently I heard that they got separated. I think it is a shame because they much to offer as a group. Now I prefer to buy kamagra than music.

burningwheel said...

Any chance for a re-up?

HolyShoot said...

Just want to echo burningwheel's request for a reup. They've had some great outtakes over the years.

Scott Wilson said...

any chance of a reup of this one to please

MAZE said...

I’d like to request a reup as well, please.

spavid said...


MAZE said...

Thanks for the repost!