Friday, July 3, 2009

Wash - 1991 demo

Don't know a god-darned think about this rather unidentifiable, but wonderfully scrappy dream-pop outfit. I found Wash's eight-cut demo on my peer-to-peer platform of choice, Soulseek, just a few weeks ago, and although I tend not to post artists sans any background info, I'm making an exception here. Since I'm not detecting any British accents, genuine or faux, my best guesstimate is that they're Yankees. My radar is honing in on vaguely atonal female vox, an inviting air of melancholia, and an overall sonic aptitude that suggests the initial batches of Ride and Lush eps were of great significance to this mystery band. Definitely a lil' wet behind the ears, but after all this is a demo, not to mention fledgling terrain for the genre as a whole. Quite frankly, Wash are pretty good. They're pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. If anyone can fill me in on any of Wash's vital stats, don't be a stranger.

01. Spread (Yourself)
02. Orangeboat
03. Greenhouse
04. Fractal
05. Chlorine
06. Palid Virtue
07. Pool
08. Drivel


Unknown said...

I'm really digging this, I wish we had more info about the band.

Unknown said...

Really good stuff!

nowhere75 said...

They are actually Australian. I saw them a couple of times back in the day, once supporting Swervedriver. They were really good. No idea what happened to them.

drumrats said...

I was the singer/guitarist in the band, we were short lived.

DLBKCMO said...

Recently completed going through my external hard drive, cleaning up/tagging my digital music collection, and a decade after downloading this from this blog, this demo still sounds so good.

(That's wild that one of the members commented! We need more info!)