Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Splitting the Difference # 22 - Mars Acclerator/The Adding Machine - Semaphore Loveletter (199?, First Alert Doppler)

Way, way back someone requested music from Mars Accelerator. At long last, here it is - at least the best I could do for now. Just discovered Mars are apparently still in business, even offering a "download of the month" of some sort on their site. Really enjoyed their first cut here, "Bubbles, Lurching," which smacks of crooked popsters The Sugarplastic, throwing a co-ed twee vibe in the mix for good measure. Am pretty sure I heard a Mars Accelerator CD several years ago but don't recall them sounding a damn thing like this. According to their Myspace hovel, Mars Accelerator call Seattle home.

Call it an uncanny coincidence (or in fact, just call it a day), but The Adding Machine also seem to be grazing from the same pasture that The Sugarplastic happen to occupy. Not a slavish imitation mind you, the Machine are wont to peel off a none-too-dissimilar volley of relentlessly ringing chords and quirky prose. If I recall, I have an Adding Machine CD tucked away somewhere that I think I ought to listen to judging from the satisfactory results here. No apparent web presence for these folks, but it looks like their album came out in 2000.

Mars Accelerator
01. Bubbles, Lurching
02. Yes, Slimy

The Adding Machine
01. Missiles
02. Baby's Own Colour Annual 1976


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