Sunday, June 7, 2009

Voodoo Gearshift - s/t (1989, Link)

Don't have much time to extol on this one, but the short story is that Voodoo Gearshift originated from Iowa City, IA, and had the distinction of releasing their debut on Link Records, the same label that was home to Winter Hours, Head Candy, and Full Fathom Five. They would enjoy an even greater distinction a few years later, after relocating to Seattle to have their sophomore album, Glue Goat see the light of day on C/Z Records, which at the time was almost as hip as being on Sub Pop.

Voodoo Gearshift surrenders to some of the grungier inclinations of it's era, while still offering some poignant, indie-rock overtones. Many guitar solos here, but nothing embarrassing. Gearshift bear a slight resemblance another Iowa contender of the same era, The Hollowmen. I apologize for all the cracks and pops. Hard to believe this record hadn't been open until a couple days ago. A thorough article on the quartet may be read at your leisure.

01. China Wall
02. Setting Sun
03. Better Times
04. Say I'm Sorry
05. Three In a Row
06. What You Want
07. Time Keeps Rolling
08. See It Again
09. Don't Be My Saviour
10. Hallowed Eyes
11. Flashfire


Elevate Me Later said...

Thanks for putting htis up. They were a great band and Steven Tyler was an awesome guitarist. I have had this on cassette since 89' and have longed to hear it again as I have been without a tape player for a number of years.

rabbit messiah said...

Listening it on the original LP right now!
nice souns %)

Unknown said...

Please, please re upload this :)

spavid said...

Link has been updated.

Underground Tekno Archives said...

Hi Spavid, can you re-up this please ?

spavid said...

The link has been fixed.

Unknown said...

Would it be possible to re-upload please? :(

Charleston Gazer said...

Missed the last time your re-uploaded. Any chance you'll re-up this one next go around?