Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bitter Sons 7" (1993, W.O.W.)

You can take the blogger out of Chapel Hill, NC, but you can't take the Chapel Hill out of the blog. I think this is the third North Carolina related release I've shared this month so far. From the bio insert:

In the summer of 1992, Matthew McMichaels (vocals, guitar), Jon Gray (guitar, vocals), Clay Boyer (drums, ex-Archers of Loaf), and Joe Caparo (bass, vocals, ex-Leap of Faith) became Bitter Sons. Their first single (this one) shows their penchant for writing melodic, three minute, Big Star inflected rock songs propelled by over-amped guitars. In a town full of confused noise, this band's goal is to make good music.

As if it was the intention of any other given band to make poor music. Anyway, this single is actually pretty gratifying. Though Bitter Sons' collective temperament is a bit sobering, it wouldn't really occur to me to stack them up to Big Star. As per their bio, they largely steer clear of their town-mates renown brand of indie-thrash. This was produced by Caleb Southern, the guy that would later do wonders for Ben Folds Five.
A. Ghost of John
B. Deep


bglobe313 said...

Hey, hey, whoa.

Matthew McMichaels -- of the Mayflies USA!

Now this is really something I have to hear. Any other Mayflies-related stuff would be loved.

Ace K.

Jinxed said...

Hi ! Is there any way you could re up this one ? I'm kind of gathering all I can on the indie North Carolina scene and this one, related both to Mayflies USA and Archers of Loaf seems like a must-hear...

Thanks for all the incredible work by the way

Koyott said...

reup please mate