Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Edsel - Strange Loop (1992, Merkin)

So often I fail to look at your responses to this ever increasing accumulation of posts (around 480 or so at this counting), particularly ones that I posted say more than two months ago. Turns out that not too long after I shared Edsel's Everlasting Belt Co album early last year, that bassist Geoff Sanoff chimed in to the comments sections, I just got around to reading it today. I simply can't keep on top of it all, which is why it may not be a bad idea for you (dear browser) to shoot me an email, especially if you are the artist in question! To cut to the chase Geoff, if you ever reissue any of the Edsel albums, Itunes or otherwise, just say the word and I'll be happy to delete the link and point your potential customers to the destination of your choosing. Maybe we can find a way to monetize this for you somehow (I won't ask for a dime). Thing is, I got such a good response to Everlasting... that I'm hereby offering the even scarcer precursor, Strange Loop.

One of the more intriguing early-90s entries in the D.C. indie scene, Edsel produced four albums, an ep, and some singles. The aforementioned Everlasting Belt Co was their masterstroke, but Strange Loop didn't fall too far behind. Check out my initial Edsel post (linked above) for a slightly more involved breakdown and critique of their indigenous endeavors, but nutshell-wise, the trio (at the time of this recording) doled out lush, echoing chords atop a highly dexterous rhythm section, all wrapped up in a tight atmospheric gauze. There's been no one like them before or since, and these days, that's saying a lot. Enjoy, and Geoff if you're reading this, please get in touch via the contact info in my profile. BTW, if you're interested, please investigate Geoff's current gig, Paramount Styles. Also, Sub Pop all-stars, The Obits, feature in their roster former Edsel frontman Sohrab Habibian. Gotta love that Obits 7" post from a couple months also I might add.
01. Unraveled
02. Wax
03. Derelict Fancy
04. My Manacles
05. Cat's Paw
06. Empire
07. Fuelcloud
08. Coil-Re-Coil
09. Rotary Batter
10. Wooden Floors

I've been informed that Edsel are tentatively planning to reissue Strange Loop, so I've decided to delete the link.  Used copies are available on Amazon.


Ostrakos said...

Man, what a great record to post...I only have Techniques of Speed Hypnosis and their final EP, but they were a great band. On a related note, if you have the Bust 7" (Joyce & Steve Raskin), any chance of posting it? It had 2 pretty great songs too.

Also, when were you in Chapel Hill? As one expat to another I'd be curious to know.

spavid said...

I'm not actually from Chapel Hill, rather that was just my attempt to amuse you folks.

Ostrakos said...

Then amuse you have...