Friday, June 26, 2009

The Red House - There is a Window (1987, Random)

Though there's nil online documentation regarding There is a Window, ostensibly the debut album by New Jersey's Red House, there is some info regarding frontman Bruce Tunkel, who would later go it alone. This undeniably earnest quartet played relatively linear, mainstream-ish modern rock, with their most blatant trait being Tunkel's vigorous set of lungs. Some catchy jangle-ness crops up here and there, but if Red House tilted to any of their contemporaries, Green on Red is the one that springs to mind. "Farmlife," employing a backdrop of built-in static and pedal steel guitar, is a jarring venture into dustbowl-era country/folk, while the remainder of Window plays it straight down the middle, most successfully on "Killer Under Sky," "Through the Rails" and "This Nightmare." There was apparently a self-titled sequel to this album, issued in 1990.

01. Rain
02. Killer Under Sky
03. Breakaway
04. Isolation
05. Chances
06. The State I’m In
07. Through the Rails
08. Take Me Away
09. Farmlife
10. This Nightmare
11. Pray
12. Burn
13. Blind
14. Rooftop (Sheds the Rain)
15. No Ya Shouldn't
16. Say Goodbye


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

There is a NEW Red House single after all these years!

CD available here:

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mineforlife said...

Good God, is there any album you don't know about? I've lost count of how many I've read about here!!!

Alan (Mine For Life blog)

Brucie said...

Can you PLEASE repost this so I can download it? Thanks!

Brucie said...

Second request to PLEASE reupload this album, thanks!!

spavid said...

Just updated it Tom! Thanks for your persistence.

Jose said...

Wou Wou!! excellent band - sadly the link is dead, is a re-up possible? thanks in advance...