Friday, June 5, 2009

Fools Face - Tell America (1981, Talk)

This little rekid got an honorable mention of sorts in the insta-classic, Not Lame-curated Shake Some Action book (2007) but didn't manage to eke it's way onto the Top 200 best power pop LP list included within (a 2002 reunion album did however make the grade at # 103). Perhaps it was the slight AOR bent Fools Face took on Tell America, their long out of print (and from what I can tell, exceedingly expensive) sophomore effort, that disqualified it. I don't have a physical copy myself, but was able to pin down a reasonably digital facsimile online. A quick listen to pretty much any cut here will likely compel you to conjure up such likenesses as Cheap Trick, Shoes, and perhaps even Eric Carmen. For a quick taste, head over to Little Hits and d/l the sublime and easily a perfect 10 "Won't Make It Hard For You." Below is the blurb from Shake Some Action:

Fools Face, a stunning quintet based in Springfield, MO, was the most criminally-overlooked pop band to emerge in the '80s. They debuted in the late '70s with a single ("I Could Tell") and a so-so album (1979's Here to Observe), but hit the '80s running with 1981's Tell America, one of the finest albums that (seemingly) no one ever heard. Tell America includes the best break-up song ever, "Nothing to Say," which encompasses casual heartache (or heartlessness?) and a matter-of-fact recognition of the need to just move on. 
I totally concur. A slightly lower bitrate version of Tell America, as well as a clutch of other Fools Face albums may still be available here.
01. American Guilt
02. Maiden U.S.A.
03. Whatever
04. Land of the Hunted
05. Stand Up
06. Behind Bars
07. Telephone Time
08. L5
09. (Gotta Get) A Letter To You
10. Won't Make it Hard
11. Valentine
12. Bop Man
13. Nothing to Say
14. The Truth


binkerbo said...

Thanks for posting this. The more Fools Face that's available the better!

Fantod said...

Wow! I had forgotten all about this band, but seeing their name again stirred a memory; it took a few minutes to remember that I used to hear "Public Places" on the radio (probably WHFS). I love that song. I've grabbed it from the site you linked to. THANK YOU!!!

geololo said...

Hello, any chance to listen to this by reupload ? Thank you.
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videreestvivere said...

Thanks a ton!

Unknown said...

I saw them in college in Carbondale, IL. I believe that I STILL own "Tell America" on vinyl! :-)

Charles Nixon said...

Can you re-up this?

Beyes said...

request for a re-up of this! Thank you.

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Nevermind... Found it !!