Tuesday, March 31, 2009

V/A - Pipeline! - Live Boston Rock on WMBR (1996, Slow River/Kimchee)

Pipeline - Live Boston Rock on WMBR, not only serves as a two CD compendium of vintage performances from the first six years of the long-running, in-studio performance weekly radio show, but is a veritable "Who's Who" of eastern Massachusetts indie-rock acts from the early '90s. An institution at MIT campus since 1989, Pipeline is still broadcast every Tuesday evening from 8-10 pm eastern on 88.1 FM WMBR, and as you might guess, can be streamed or podcast gratis.

This 40-track collection of exclusive live-to-air recordings feature no less than ten acts that have been featured on Wilfully Obscure in one form or another: Dambuilders, Gigolo Aunts, The Cavedogs, Roger Miller (Mission of Burma), Lou Barlow (Sebadoh), Flying Nuns, Bullet Lavolta, Moving Targets, Christmas (the band), and Fuzzy - and there are probably another ten names here that would be equally as suited on these pages, including the likes of Anastasia Screamed (who indulge in a choice Television cover), Buffalo Tom, Green Magnet School, Smackmelon, The Queers, and Come. Given it's era, Pipeline has it's share of meathead grunge/punk (mostly situated on disk one), but hardly enough to detract from a startlingly consistent and jaw-dropping lineup. Not a bad place to expose yourself to some underexposed, but worthy hopefuls from yesteryear either. Dig in!
Disk One
01-The Dambuilders - Digitized
02-360's - Hang it Up
03-Gigolo Aunts - Star 69
04-Milkmoney - Leash
05-Morphine - Scratch
06-Orangutang - Best of Enemies
07-Otis - Smith and Wesson
08-The Cavedogs - Leave Me Alone
09-Roger Miller - Kuchkah Tay Zod
10-Anastasia Screamed - Marquee Moon
11-Twig - Breed
12-Mung - Dope
13-Green Magnet School - Two Fold
14-King Moon Razor - Countrified~C'mon
15-Tree - Inside Out
16-Scarce - Cry Me a River
17-Prickly - 'Sposeta Be a Funeral
18-6L6 - 'Til Then
19-The Vehicle Birth - Two Seconds Hate
20-Lou Barlow - Skull

Disk Two
01-Bulkhead - A Dong Market
02-Cordelia's Dad - Brother Judson
03-The Queers - I Met Her at the Rat
04-The Bags - Wail
05-Syrup - Rosy, Why?
06-The Zulus - High Tide
07-Slughog - Poor
08-Come - Brand New Vein
09-Big Dipper - Extrodinary Worm
10-Buffalo Tom - Larry
11-Helium - Lucy
12-Flying Nuns - Summer
13-Bullet Lavolta - Mother's Day/Bloodstains
14-Moving Targets - Faith
15-Smackmelon - Raymond
16-Dirt Merchants - W
17-Pie - Sink This Ship
18-Christmas - Scissors Paper Stone
19-The Upper Crust - Ne'er-do-well
20-Fuzzy - Miss the Mark 

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evr said...

I was in the room when the Gigolo Aunts recorded this. It was an awesome experience and a great radio station. It was 1000 degrees that night and I got to meet Gary from Big Dipper!

This is a great comp that I had pretty much forgotten about!

fineexampl said...

It's as if you own every CD i do.

Unknown said...

a little bit of info: the Green Magnet School track on that CD is actually "12 Gauge" (a song which featured on the Sub Pop GMS/Six Finger Satellite split double 7"), not "Two Folds", it was mislabled for some reason...

Doug said...

Any chance of a repost of this one?

Doug said...

Any chance of a repost of this one?

popthinker said...

Hi. Would you mind reposting this when you get the time? Thanks!