Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Glide - Open Up and Croon: The B-sides Collection

It's been over a year since I dedicated my first Glide post to Wilfully Obscure. Back then, I mentioned that in addition to the albums I uploaded heretofore (Open Up and Croon, Disappear Here, and Shrink Wrapped Real Thing) I also owned a fan-made compilation of 20 b-sides, a handful of which were cut for their home country of Australia's Triple J Live at the Wireless radio broadcast. Well, here it is.

Like The Church, Go Betweens, and The Saints, Glide deserved their rightful place amongst the Aussie alt-rock pantheon. Fronted by the late and very dapper William Arthur, the band recorded two proper albums (Open Up... and Disappear Here), a collection of early eps (SRWT), and Last, a posthumous collection of demos and songs-in-progress for their third album. Classy and melancholic, William Arthur's music bore a silver lining that outstripped the cloudiness it so often bordered.

As evidenced here, Glide were even more affecting in a stripped down and acoustic mode, which is the motif for several of these non-lp cuts. While it doesn't hurt to be familiar with their full-lengths, this collection isn't a bad place to start. To my knowledge, some of their CDs may still be available via the official Glide/William Arthur website (though it hasn't been updated in many years). For a brief sample of Glide songs, visit their Myspace page. Track list is as follows:
01. Fade
02. Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes
03. Stranded
04. Taste of You
05. A Dream
06. Always Fall (live)
07. Ride with Me (Lemonheads cover)
08. Valerian
09. Clays
10. Eyes Wide
11. Clay (solo take)
12. Crush
13. Hole In the Middle (live at the Wireless)
14. Your Time (acoustic)
15. To Your Side (live at the Wireless)
16. Tangled (acoustic)
17. Why You Asking (acoustic)
18. Pitch and Sway (live at the Wireless)
19. Hole in the Middle (William's 4-track demo)
20. She Said, She Said (Beatles cover)
1. from Young Blood 3 rooArt Records compilation
2. from Pretty Mouth ep
3-4 from Shuffle Off to Buffalo ep
5. from Wake ep
6-7 "Why You Asking?" b-sides
8-9 "What Do I Know?" b-sides
10-12 "Surfaced Euphoric" b-sides
13-16 "Here She Comes"/"Tangled" b-sides
17-20 "Something" b-sides


Unknown said...

Glide were a truly fantastic and original Sydney band. I remember seeing them at the Annandale Hotel after hearing 'Dream of Sammy' on JJJ and just thinking wow what a song and what talent. I bought all their EP's and Open Up and Croon but lost them all when moving. William Arthur's death was a real blow for Sydney music as her seemed to have an electric and original talent. Personally I think the band were ahead of their time and way too good to be appreciated. Good to know there are other followers out there!

SITS Industries said...

Caroline is correct. Glide were so far ahead of their time. I have to admit, they're probably my fav Aussie band. Even to this day, 12 years on.

William Miller said...

Hey - I love this and it brings back a lot of memories. I just tried looking online to see if I could buy 'Last' to no avail. Please post if you have it!

spavid said...

The link has been updated folks.

Unknown said...

any chance of updating the link? it's expired :(