Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Sheila Divine - s/t ep (1998)

Turns out that this Beantown trio beat Interpol to the icy depths of the post-punk revival several years before those guys thought they were the first to cross the finish line. The Sheila Divine were nevertheless a good draw, and crafted two consistently great albums and an ep, before pulling the plug somewhere around 2003. This DIY five cut ep preceded their 1999 debut album, New Parade, and houses early versions of songs that were to appear on the album. A smattering of live shows can be downloaded/streamed here.

Singer/guitarist Aaron Perrino formed the somewhat less wrought Dear Leader in the wake of Sheila Divine's dissolution, and to this date have three albums to their credit. 
01. Modern Log
02. I'm a Believer
03. The Amendment
04. Like a Criminal
05. Hum 


snivel and run said...

New Parade is one of my favorite records. for some unknown reason i have not heard this ep. sincere THANKS!

evr said...

And Aaron is from Hamburg, just down the road...

Unknown said...

Definitely check out Dear Leader's ALL I EVER WANTED WAS TONIGHT. Great, great record.

Unknown said...

The one time I saw The Sheila Divine may be the one show that most exceeded my expectations, ever. New Parade never made much impression on me, but Where Have My Countrymen Gone remains a favorite.