Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Philisteens - s/t (1982, Radio Free America)

Another ace bargain bin find courtesy of Ebay. Lately I’ve been lucking out on these “chance” bids, and this self titled record by Albuquerque’s Philisteens is no exception. Absolutely riff-roaring power pop, with serious punk leanings (particularly on side one). Shades of the Knack and the Cars (with less emphasis on the latter’s keyboards) bleed gloriously through, though it’s evident on “Go Downtown” that frontman Larry Otis is an undeniable disciple of David Byrne to boot. The Philisteens is an unexpected treasure trove of it’s period. You can learn a little more about the trio on the always essential Trouser Press site.

01. 2 + 2
02. In Your Pocket
03. Back Talk
04. I Get Mad
05. I Need Someone
06. Go Downtown
07. Punch In Punchout
08. Can’t Be Love
09. Elephant Head
10. Hesitation
11. Watch the Widow



topper said...

can u repost "The Bats ".....?

thank you

topper said...

Thanx for the Philisteens....didn't know them but the're pretty good

KUNST AM BAU said...

Now this is one to listen to for days without interruption. Never heard of them before, though. Anyway, thanks for sharing your treasure troves with us.

mineforlife said...

Just got this for 99 cents on eBay, glad to know it was a good find. Thx.

icastico said...

Holy Shit! Never thought I would see this one again.

I was in high school when these guys became (along with Jerry's Kids) the first Albuquerque rock band to make it outside of Albuquerque...I mean sure... we had jazz great John Lewis, but no rock bands.

For those looking for more from the Albuquerque scene check out my place...

Unknown said...

This is Michael Glover from the Philisteens. Great to see our old LP up here. By the way, I sang "Downtown" not Larry. We split up the singing between the three of us, with Larry singing the most (and probably the best). He was definitely the genius of the band, wrote more songs than anyone I'd ever met up to that time.

I'm in Bright Blue Gorilla now, making feature films and touring like crazy. Google the name and we're all over the place.


jeffen said...

I went back to my dog-eared copy of Trouser Press (rather then just look it up on-line) to re-read the Phil N' the Blanks review and then read the following entry on the Philsteens review which inspired me to do a Google search on them which brought me right back to WO.

Stevie Hewitt said...

Paid 50p for it"s flippin" FANTASTIC !!

Stevie Hewitt said...

Paid 50p for this LP...i LOVE it !!!!! Power Pop / Punk...quality !!

lolo said...

Hi, please could you re-up this album when it's more convenient to you?

Kind regards