Monday, March 9, 2009

Other Bright Colors - Endlessly Rocks the Cradle (1986, Blue Mold)

I believe this was posted at some point on the now defunct Feelin' Kinda Froggy blog. Like many disks I saw on there, I for one reason or another failed to download it. Good thing I had a personal copy.

Other Bright Colors lone album, released in 1986, was produced by Mitch Easter, and it sounds like it. Even more fitting, it was mixed by Don Dixon, another pioneer of the '80s "new south" indie movement. With their chiming guitar lines, inspired by Peter Buck and the like, this Carrboro, NC's quartet was cast in the same mold that produced dB's and Let's Active. Other Bright Colors weren't quite as catchy as that deadly duo, but Endlessly Rocks the Cradle is commendable. Vocalist Brian Butler went onto a new band in the late '80s, Mind Sirens. You can hear some additonal OBC songs on their Myspace page.
01. Time Was
02. NPR
03. Confounded
04. Or We and Crystal Making
05. Stands to Reason
06. Remember Me
07. Circle Square
08. Whiskey Bottle
09. Complaint
10. Glimmer Twin
11. Sun’s Race

12. Winter Palace

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