Monday, March 23, 2009

The Fiendz - Wact (1991, Forefront)

The album you are about to (potentially) download will likely reside in your MP3 player for some months to come. Totawa, NJ's Fiendz are a long-running trio who deliver infectious pop via pummeling power chords and the most indelible hooks this side of any given Parasites album. Lead Fiend, Jerry Jones possesses a timbre uncannily similar to Evan Dando, though I can't say that their second (and best) album, Wact, resembles any particular era of the Lemonheads, at least not overtly. "Concise," is a keyword here, with most songs not clocking past the two-and-a-half-minute mark, though the band rarely ventures into pop-punk overdrive.

In 1996, the Fiendz were inexplicably possessed to rerecord and re-release Wact in it's entirety for their own in-house label, Black Pumpkin. Though the revisions of the album's fourteen (really fifteen) cuts weren't entirely blunted, they did difuse some of the original's potency. Should you wish to partake in the renovated version of Wact, or any of the band's fine follow-ups, like 2002's almost as impressive Redemption, belly up to the Fiendz merch booth.

01. Fax
02. Scumbum
03. R.I.P.
04. Wact
05. Mistake
06. Beat-less
07. We're the Fiendz (reprise)
08. Fast and Slow
09. The Deals
10. Rehab
11. Spanish Armada
12. See Ya Next Tour
13. Totowazone
14. The End
15. untitled

Now available on Bandcamp.


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