Friday, March 6, 2009

V/A - Discordia Concors: Music From Hamilton, New Zealand (1993, Zygote)

Hamilton, New Zealand hasn't exactly been a hotbed of immediately recognizable rock acts, but that hasn’t stopped a bevy of local artists from playing gigs and making music. Discordia Concors is my lone exposure to the Hamilton scene, specifically the early ‘90s (the focus of this comp). I’m not going to lie to you, there’s a lot of schleps on here, churning out grating, minimalist art punk a plenty. In fact, I can almost assure you that none of these bands had the luxury of quitting their day jobs. Nevertheless, Discorida has a few brilliant standouts, first and foremost Frey, who's “Breeze” is a 100 lb bar of distorto-laden gold, a la early Straitjacket Fits. Also in the same vein is Watershed, who lead this whole shebang off. Emerson owe a debt to one of their home-turfs finest, Bailter Space, while Postlethwaites milk Sonic Youth. Pieces of Cod’s ‘Fall In a Hole” round out my personal top-5 here. For further exploration of the Hamilton, NZ scene, past and present, make a beeline here.

01. Watershed - Take this that way
02. Romantic Andies - Anaconda Funky Limbo
03. Dribbly Cat Attraction -
Vulnerable Sheds04. Phones and Accessories - Gorhead
05. A Crown Of Wild Myrtles - Underbelly
06. Hand of Glory - Thing One
07. Huge Industrial Artsnob - Trains
08. Frybrain - Hanging Out
09. Emersons - Eagles
10. Wendy House - Suit Suit, Kill Kill
11. The Postlethwaites - Broke
12. Love and Violence - Violator
13. Frey - Breeze
14. Book of Martyrs - The Man that Said
15. King Biscuit -
What is Love? 

16. Hitler's Kock - Miner's song 

17. Pieces of Cod - Fall in a Hole
18. Swamp Goblin - Mudflap
19. Sinfeeder - Beachcombing/Vaginal hangover*
20. Unit 23 - Lodung One



T.C. said...

Actually, commenting on your Glide post. You said that you had some live and/ or rare stuff and would post them if anyone was interested. Well, I sure am. I can't get enough of this band. Thanks for getting them out there. I haven't been able to find hardly any info anywhere else. Also, would you have any idea how or where I could find "Last"? Thanks for your time and keep up the great work. - Ted Carter

spavid said...

You might still be able to obtain "Last" from here:

I really don't have any live stuff, but I'll try to get up a b-sides/rarities comp up later this week.

icastico said...

Alastair Galbraith is one of my all time favorites...I look forward to hearing more Kiwi bands. Have you been here?

slovenlyeric said...

Thank you for this post. I followed the N.Z stuff but never knew about this comp. or indeed any of these bands from Hamilton. The link to Yetiboil is also much appreciated. Evern if some of this is derivative, it is still great.