Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not Rebecca - Bowler & Who You Really Are (1993, Next to X)

My previous posts regarding Chicago indie-punks Not Rebecca entailed a one-off single for Thick Records and co-frontman Tom (Counihan)Daily's debut ep, Tragedy of Fanbelts. This time out, I'm giving you a whole lot more to love. While their third and fourth albums, Twin City Obituary and Rocketship to Canada respectively, were the cream of their crop, every band has to start somewhere and for N/R it was these two nascent recordings that were conveniently paired on one CD in the late '90s. If I had to be partial to either of these, Bowler would win out if only for the killer trifecta of tunes that kick things off the proceedings so well. These cuts would be a harbinger of things to come on later albums. As for the remainder of this CD, song quality ebbs and flows, but more than tolerable throughout.
I'm also providing a link to Not Rebecca's discography, which includes seven unreleased, downloadable tracks from a 1996 recording session. If anyone is up for Twin City and Rocketship, let me know, as I believe these are out of print.

01. Barely Standing
02. Sharpness
03. Right Temple
04. My Only Cause
05. Free of hate
06. Worn
07. Fall Again Away
08. What Little I Know
09. Surround
10. Close Your Eyes and Die
11. A Few Kools
12. Coexistence
13. If I Die 

Who You Really Are
14. Deforestation/Say That You Can
15. Lifetime
16. Too Far Away
17. 13th Floor
18. Errol Flynn
19. Losing
20. Almond Eyes
21. What Day
22. Close Your Eyes
23. Appeasement
24. It’s Only Gone

These are available on Bandcamp. Name your own price!


The Fall Of Mr. Fifths said...

Thanks for posting these albums. I've been wanting to hear some albums from these guys for a long time.

Mr. Amsterdamned said...

Fine band and a great post! And yes...I for one would be intersted in the other albums said...

Here is a Not Rebecca video we shot in maybe 1999. it's for the song "Punctual" from the album ROCKETSHIP TO CANADA. these guys are friends of our and it's great to see some appreciation for this truely great band.

Dan K said...

Might want to mention the Not Rebecca reunion show in Chicago at the Abbey Pub on April 4th. I guess I just did. -Dan

The Fall Of Mr. Fifths said...

Any chance you can post Twin City and Rocketship. Thanks

Nando40 said...

Great blog you have here spavid. You can find The Twin City Obituary in FLAC format at my Blog. Lets exchange links ?? Thanks

Anton said...

could you re-upload this release? thank you!

spavid said...

I have refreshed the link. Download away.