Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sunday Cannons - Red to the Rind ep (1988, Tastee)

Denizens of the Baltimore, MD area, Sunday Cannons seemed to have collegiate indie-rock coursing through their collective bloodstream, during a very robust era for the genre as a whole I might add.  God bless 'em is what I say, especially for boasting the smarts and craftsmanship to poke around the edges of a wide array of their contemporaries, including but not limited to Guadalcanal Diary, The Three O'clock, and Senator Flux.  Oodles and oodles of resplendent, ringing guitars (credited to the lead tag-team of Mike Lane and Ed Neenan) in no small part endowed the Sunday Cannons with an eminently bold and gleaming presence.  As for the subject matter concerning the six-song Red to the Rind, the prose runs the gamut from surreal, to ponderous, to unintentionally silly.  The following verse from "Your Kingdom...for you" is an exemplary case in point:

Simian behavior is all the rage
It gets us off the street back into our cage
We wear these suits and never act our age

Um...yeah, but it nevertheless sounds really good.  Rock and Roll and Meandering Nonsense blog was apparently sharing this ep last year, but the link has since become inactive.  In short, I ripped this directly from my own personal copy.  Enjoy (or not)

01. Friends Become Flowers
02. Clouds
03. Peter Pan Days
04. Slower Train of Thought
05. Coping With Change
06. Your Kingdom...for you


Unknown said...

thank you thank you thank you! i had one of the test pressing copies of this, but it was stolen long ago. used to see these guys (and Ed Neenan's earlier bands Clever Lines/Fiction Bridge) all the time way back when. This takes me back.

Unknown said...

Great band,I should know ! We actually shot a TV commercial for the release !!

Unknown said...

Hi! You can make it available again!