Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Singles Going Single #135 - Science Kit Madagascar 7" (1996, Magic Eye)

Hailing from Baltimore, MD (or thereabouts) one might assume Science Kit's brand of pensive (i.e. "smart") yet deftly crafted indie-pop caused less than a raucous even on their home turf.  That's fine with me though, as I'm usually a sucker for bands that opt for a modest aesthetic.  Hushed vocals and mathy, but generally accessible arrangements thrived under the Science Kit microscope, with faint similarities to such period clang-gangs as Edsel and Rotator Cuff.  In addition to some split singles and comp appearances, S/K released a full length. 7 Times Around, in 1998, which I may get to when I deem fit.  For the time being, raise your beaker to this.  Btw, sorry for all the irritating surface noise.

01. Madagascar
02. Segue #12
03. Bride of Chimes
04. Film Score


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